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Certainty with Ardent Tide

Ardent Tide is an industry leader in Compliance, Tax,

Audit and Payroll for Construction Businesses.

Ardent Tide is an established company with real internal

expertise in tax and employment legislation. A strong company

that knows construction and can give clients complete and can

give clients complete certainty on tax status and compliance.

Removing Paperwork & Stress

We believe most construction businesses do best when

they can focus on their business and not be tied down

in administration and red-tape.

Ardent Tide takes care of all the tax and compliance issues

surrounding engaging self-employed subbies.

A company that can truly remove the paperwork and stress.

Smooth, fast & accurate transition

Our clients will tell you that Ardent Tide has proven

again and again that we are a strong and reliable company

of dedicated experts.

Our operations are smooth and compliant

delivering excellent, coherent, services to our clients.

Looking to subcontract

in the UK?

Here are some useful links:

Apply for UTR
Unique Tax Reference number
Apply for NI
National Insurance number
Apply for CSCS Cards
Your skill cards

You can call us on

0208 452 4286


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All systems are custom

built by our in-house

tech gurus.



Our Client & Worker Portals

are second to none, built around you.

We boast the most advanced,

intuitive Client Portal in the UK

Subcontractors are kept

informed on everything.

Contact us for a test drive,

call us on 0208 452 4286.

Ardent Tide, known for

CIS Compliance, your certainty

Getting Contracts and Procedures right is a big headache

to constantly monitor and update with each legislative change

that occurs in the UK Construction Industry.

Ardent Tide invest heavily in ensuring that

all our contracts and processes are updated

with current legislation changes, leaving our clients

with complete certainty and peace of mind.

Our friendly & knowledgeable team

Ardent Tide has built a reputation for fulfilling high expectations.

Our multi-lingual team are able to deal with any query,

ensuring operatives are kept well informed. Communication is key.

We have put in all of our efforts to ensuring that we have

the best in-house team to think up and build systems that are

intuitive and friendly to use for our clients and subbies.

We have a smooth workflow for subcontractors to register quickly

through any means and payments are made on time, always.

Ardent Tide brings flow to chaos,

everything just clicks and makes sense

Up in the air

Everything is kept securely

in our cloud servers

Always on time

Our dedicated team can

quickly get subbies registered

and paid the same day

We got them covered

Subbies can register quickly

in various ways by simple

pen and paper to simple

online submissions

Excellence in Compliance

We consider our dedicated compliance

team to be amongst the best in the UK,

they will always ensure a smooth

and compliant registration process

We got you covered

Our clients get a full personal

tutorial and instant access to

the best Client Portal in the UK,

The BMS v2.0 custom built

by us around your needs

Giving you peace of mind

We are always communicating

with your subbies through calls,

emails, texts and portal alerts

to maintain peace of mind

for everyone

Easy Portal for subbies

We have designed our worker portal

from ground up using feedback and

experience to ensure that your subbies

have an easy online experience accross

all smart phones, tablets and pc’s

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